22 July 2011

I just don't understand

For years I've been saying, "I just don't understand".  Today I decided to collect my lack of understanding in one place.  I hope that it's not enough to pull into a singularity of confusion.

I'll start this blog off with the very first thing I noticed that tipped me off to the fact that I just don't "get" the world.

CARS....  I started my motoring life as a motorcyclist.  On my motorcycle I can pull in the clutch, change gears, blip the throttle, brake (front and rear independently as needed) and steer any amount from one lock to the other while I activate the indicator.  All without moving a hand or foot from their normal place.  Now that might not sound like a common task, but it happens at every corner!

Then I learnt to drive a car.  What a nightmare.  To steer you have to take your hands off the steering about 5 times to get from lock to lock.  The location of the horn button varies randomly depending on where you're steering.  The location of the indicator is different when you're on highbeam and low beam.  What the hell???  To change down in a corner I have to take one hand off the wheel to operate the gears.  And what gears!  On the bike you push down to go down gears and up to go up gears.  Not in the car.  Left then up for first, down and left to get second, up in the middle for third, you get the idea.  Between all those gears are neutrals!  Endless neutrals.  What are they for?  Who needs a neutral between 3rd and 4th?  Down below there are 3 pedals despite the fact I have only 2 feet.  I could have driven an automatic, then there are only 2 pedals, matching the usual number of feet, but that's of no help as they're arranged so only your right foot can work the pedals, leaving your left foot with nothing to do.

Surely there's room for something else to distract you from the road

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