23 July 2011

Science Documentaries

I've never understood Science Documentaries.  They're pitched so low.  Clearly aimed at people who have no interest in science at all.

I've got a tip for the makers: the people with *no interest* will *not be watching*!

Can you imagine if they did the same with other shows like football?  Instead of the Sunday night game you got this:

"We're here to make football **FUN**.  We know you think Football is just a bunch of mindless morons running around and falling down, but if you look closely, Football has it's own special beauty.  Now we're not going to watch an actual game, played by professionals, we're going to get dressed in funny clothes and pretend to play Football with children who don't know the rules either!  Come on, it's going to be great!"

Two girls, a candle, a balloon and a rubber outfit, yet still boring

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